Hooray! A Cheerleader Reunion!

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On December 4th, 2021 the first ever Buccaneers cheerleader reunion!

1976 and 2021 Buccaneer Cheerleaders ft. original pictures from Clemmie Perry

The first ever Buccaneer cheerleaders were formed in 1976, and 45 years later they were reunited! But it was more than a reunion; the 2021 Buccaneer cheerleaders were introduced to the OGs. Together, they busted out moves and cheers from over the years.

To top it all off, the NFL Alumni was proud to award the first ever “Volunteer of the Year” award to Mary Neyman May. Mary May was one of the original Buccaneer cheerleaders and has since dedicated much of her adult life giving back.

The NFL Alumni Board would like to give a special thank you to Mary Neyman May, the 1976 and 2021 Buccaneer cheerleaders, the Art Institute of Tampa, and all of those who continue to give back to the Tampa Bay Community.

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